By upgrading your flooring and change the room completely.

Flooring can experience major wear over the years and be dated. New flooring materials are coming to market all the time. Whether you desire tile for bath or kitchen, laminate or hardwood for living room and bedroom, vinyl for wet areas we can advise as to the pro’s and con’s of each.

Tiles – easy clean, looks great, very cost effective – can be cold to walk on.

Laminate – easy snap together, very durable, wood or tile like appearance, low cost, fast to install

Hardwood – wood is a warm material for a home, wears fairly well, easy to clean – can scratch from pets.

Engineered Wood – like hardwood, but can be installed in basements. lower cost than hardwood many types are snap together like laminate flooring.

Vinyl – traditional sheet goods, 12×12 tiles, long strips like laminate. easy to clean, safe for wet or damp areas, low cost. many appearances available.

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