About McHaleReno

Home Renovation Specialist

McHale Renovation is a family-operated business serving the Greater Durham Region.

Welcome to McHale Reno, we are a small family based business that has been working in the home repairs and renovation area for 20 years. As a team we have extensive experience with various home improvement projects: basement, bath, kitchen, insulating, and decks.

We started out with small jobs here and there for family members, but our consistent quality and workmanship made us realize the passion we have in what we do. We grown a great deal, have a come a long way, and have formalized our service. Now, we look forward to extending that passion to you as well.

Meet the Team

Greg McHale – Owner

Greg has worked as a Home Inspector since 2007, CSS Inspections, has been actively involved in new home warranty inspection issues as well as resale issues. He has witnessed first-hand problems that a non-caring renovator creates with your dreams. He has reported on many items to assist in remediation of poor workmanship and just plain not skilled enough for the job.

Greg brings 22 years of Customer Service skills, Project Management and problem-solving skills to bare on implementing your dream renovation. He was a Certified Energy Auditor and has worked with mold related concerns as well.

Greg has experience building a 52,000 sq ft steel and brick commercial building, was activity involved in all planning and actual construction of the facility. He had direct input and provided primary guidance to electrical systems, telephone, audio, security and theatrical stage lighting.

Greg has many years of experience with renovations within his own homes and many clients. He will review your needs and build a plan to translate the needs into requirements, working as a partner with the client to present options and offer suggestions.

Brian McHale

Brian has worked for the past 30+ years in the home renovation business specializing in drywall, plastering and painting. He has years of experience in building decks and room renovations.

Nicholas McHale

Nicholas has experience in commercial Millwork Installation, having completed work for such companies as Chapters, Best Buy, Future Shop and restaurants as well as high-end homes.